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Chinese reactions to Trump's tweets

Chinese reactions to Trump's tweets
- Last night Donald Trump tweeted, “The meeting next week with China will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits…and job losses. American companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives.” By the time you read this, he will also have signed two executive orders that CNBC says “would seem to confirm that China’s trade relationship with the U.S. is still in the White House crosshairs.” The first order calls for a detailed report on the cause of America’s trade deficits. The second “will support increased collection of penalties foreign companies must pay for receiving support from their home governments” that allow them to sell products in the U.S. cheaply.
The South China Morning Post reports that when asked about Trump’s tweets earlier today, Chinese vice-minister of foreign affairs Zheng Zeguang 郑泽光 “reiterated Beijing’s usual lines that China was not deliberately chasing trade surpluses or seeking trade advantages.” According to the China Daily, Zheng also said that “the two leaders will embark on an in-depth exchange of views on China-U.S. ties and major international and regional issues of common concern.” State media articles on the upcoming presidential meeting have all adopted a similar cool and restrained tone.