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Agatha Christie's Miss Marple to Be Adapted Into South Korean TV Series

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple to Be Adapted Into South Korean TV Series
- The 16-episode series will involve some of South Korea's top broadcasting talent. Yun Ho Yang (Yuri; Fighter in the Wind; Iris; My Sweet City) is set to direct a script penned by Jin Woo Park (Doctor Stranger; Land of the Wind; Han Sung Byul Gok).
Producer Jay Yoon (Smile, Mom; Great Present; When Tomorrow Comes) signed the deal with James Prichard, executive chairman of ACL who is also Christie's great grandson.
"We are very happy to have signed this deal with Good Production Co," said Prichard in a statement. "Agatha Christie Ltd is very much a global brand, and we are taking Christie's work into new territories. It is always exciting to create partnerships that allow us to see her stories translated into new cultures. Working with one of the most prestigious production companies and the best talent in South Korea, we have some exciting ideas for delivering a new interpretation of Miss Marple to a modern South Korean audience."